Saturday, 14 May 2011

So it Begins...

An Introduction:

I love Warhammer Quest. For many Warhammer players this game may hold great memories. In short for those who haven't heard of it, it is the remaining legacy of Heroquest and Advanced Heroquest, where players can take there adventurers into vast, perilous dungeons in order to gain fortune, fame and glory, slaughtering hordes of monsters in the process.

To this end I have set up this site for the sole purpose of getting Warhammer Quest either re-made or else to be made available as an official, high-quality, download by Games Workshop, like all their other OOP games.

First the Question:

1 - I've been led to understand you have 'lost' the files. If this is true, the files are not lost, as anyone who owns a copy of the game has the files as can anyone unscrupulous enough to type "Warhammer Quest Download" on Google. It is simply a matter of dedicated graphic design and techno-wizardry to resurrect them so that gamer's and roleplayer's around the world may enjoy this wonderful game once more.

2 - The game requires a lot of components in order to play. All the dungeon cards, treasure cards, counters & the all important floor plans can be made available as PDF downloads for people should they choose to take the time and effort to produce them in order to play the game. If you have no interest in re-printing the game then an assurance of quality is, in this case, not relevant.  

3 - If you never intend to re-produce the game in a similar style to Space Hulk & decide to take the time to produce a free download then your only expense will be in time. It may be a labour of love in order to produce a PDF set or Rulebook you are proud of & I am sure you have the employees who would be willing to do just that.  

4 - If your policy is to not produce rules for a game you cannot support with models (or said components), then Warhammer Quest is surely not one of those, for it uses the majority of models from your Warhammer range. If you could make the games components 16 years ago then surely you have the ability to do so again, even if they were only made available through direct order?   

5 - I believe you have the loyal fan-base (your profits don't suggest otherwise) to produce almost any game and make it a success in a similar fashion to Space Hulk. I see, and I'm sure most Warhammer players would agree, that you have the ability to produce not just games, but works of art. Why would you deny yourselves and the gaming community such a work?


If you would like to see this game made available in some fashion once more then here's what you can do to help:

1 - Sign the Petition at:

2 - Print off a copy of the following poster and take it to your local games store or club and help spread the word to the wider community:

3 - If you are a member of a war-gaming or role-playing Forum you can get involved or show your support there. I have set up several dedicated Threads in various forums, ironing out any issues & debating why Games Workshop would not release Warhammer Quest in some form. Otherwise, if you're fortunate enough to have played it, as a place to re-live your experiences to the gaming/role-playing community as a whole.

4 - Write to Games Workshop and express an interest in Warhammer Quest to be made available once more...

Games Workshop Limited
Willow Road, Lenton

On the behalf of Sigmar, Warhammer & Warhammer Quest players around the world I would like to thank you for any support you can give.


  1. Great timing on this. I just dug out my old, battered copy of Quest a week or two ago and have been kicking myself since for not getting the expansions. I don't want to pay extortionary Ebay prices, but I'd happily pay a couple bucks for a PDF of all the materials. Even better would be a new release, Space Hulk style, but I'll take what I can get. Good luck in your own quest.

  2. Hello

    I tabulated a lot of the rules here if you want a look:

    We are getting a lot of spam bots signing up at the moment so if you can't sign up its only because your account might have been caught in the purge


    the above link is to The Lost and the Damned Forum - a forum run by and dedicated to gamers like your self ... JOIN US!

  4. Hey!
    Have you thought about putting together a "gamers'" edition of the game, a bit like some 40k Epic fans did with the NetEpic? The idea is to re-write the rules in a streamlined, updated fashion, taking into consideration all updates and possible weak spots and making it publicly available so others can test it and provide feedback. If someone with graphic design knowledge helped with producing new, modern-looking cards and dungeon tiles, that would be an absoulte winner, if you ask me. If you don't know it, check NetEpic, very inspirational stuff.

  5. I agree with the previous commentee - you might be better making your own product. GW is way too prejudiced about D&D / RPG style games. btw I too also recommend the Lost and the Damned forum. :)